Picturize your behaviour

I bring to you 8 Pictures That Give You An Edge. Recent studies have found that images have a very strong psychological effect on us, they can do many things from make us strong to stop our food cravings . Using this information, these cool tear-out cards that may revamp our life were created by the cosmopolitan team using science.

I found a very interesting article in cosmopolitan and felt like sharing it with my friends.. 🙂 What I did with my cards is sticked them up on my refrigerator. You can print these as well and keep them anywhere you feel most likely that you will pick a glimpse or just simply go with them through your screen. Either way it`s fun trying, let`s see if these cards really work. 😀 Let me know your experiences, while I wait for your answers and try them myself too. 😀


Blue does not just help us chill out: The hue also makes us more creative, says researchers from the University of British Columbia. Train your eyes on this image before you redecorate your place or take guitar lessons to bring your A game.


University of Rochester scientists found that looking at pictures of landscapes made people more  caring. And the more they eyed the pics, the kinder they were, so prob this up in your cube before your next run-in with your sucky coworkers.


Working out for five minutes in a green environment lifts our mood and sense of well-being, according to researchers from the U.K’s University of Essex. Study author Jules Pretty says focusing on a picture of nature while hitting the elliptical or treadmill has a similar effect.


A Harvard study implies that people who do a brain teaser after a fight are less likely to hold a grudge the next day. The game increases activity in a part of our brain that helps us forget why we were mad in the first place. For this one, try to say the colors out loud (not the actual words) in order as fast as you can.


People who smile live longer according to a Wayne State University study. Big smiles are better — scientists say they’re linked to positive health and harder to fake. Keep that in mind when you scope out these adorable meerkats.


Eyeballing the color red helps us pay more attention to details, according to a University of British Columbia study. Scientists say that we associate it with mistakes, which ups our effort to avoid screw-ups.


Want to devour that tub of holiday cookies? A study from Australia’s Flinders University found that visualizing an object, like this rainbow, for a few minutes switches our focus and fends off cravings.


Check out this image while you’re watching your car to heat up. Why? Researchers from Baylor University say that picturing something hot, like a fire or the sun, actually may make us feel toastier.



One response to “Picturize your behaviour

  1. Diana

    Hello there!

    I tore out these cards also from the COSMOPOLITAN magazine and put up the ‘Boost Your Mood’ ‘Warm Up’ ‘Be Sweeter’ and ‘Focus’ on my cubicle wall.
    I take a look at them every once in a while when I need to focus on something else and I think they help. I think these scientists might be onto something.
    Also, it’s nice to look at a little landscape or something different while stuck in a cube. 🙂

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